Ultra-Thin Quartz Crystal

Grenchen, Switzerland, May 1, 2018 – Micro Crystal AG, the ultra-low-power, low-voltage solution provider today announced the next step in miniaturization: CM9V-T1A 0.3: a 32.768 kHz Quartz Crystal with a maximum thickness of 0.35 and a foot print of just 1.6 x 1.0 mm
This new tiny geometry enhances the circuitry in application where bending radii are critical. It complements the new bendable thin film batteries from www.renata.com. The crystals are ideal for:

•   Smart cards
•   E-textile
•   Wearables and activity bands
•   Embedded modules
•   Health care, e-medicine treatment sticking plaster

The 32.768 kHz Crystal family has proven track record in thousands of applications worldwide.
Wearables, IoT, Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare and Consumer